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Fire Hardening and Defensible Space for High Fire Zones

Updated: 21 hours ago

The Department of Forestry and Fire Protection ("Cal Fire") urges homeowners in fire zones to make the home hardening retrofits and have defensible space to help stop or slow the spread of wildfires.

Firefighters fighting a wildfire

Some of the common retro-fits include:

  • Replace wood or shingle roofs

  • Cover vents with metal mesh to prevent embers from entering home

  • Install tempered glass dual paned widows

  • Walls, decks and patio covers made of fire resistant materials

  • Keep rain gutters free of debris

  • Fix missing or loose bird stops on Spanish style roofs

  • Remove combustible landscaping within 5 feet of your home

  • Ensure your property has proper defensible space zones

  • Make sure emergency vehicles can access your home

Here are links to Cal Fire's Hardening Your Home and Defensible Space information.

Contact me for information and requirements if you are considering selling or buying a home in San Diego county.

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