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Asbestos and Wildfires

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Your risk for exposure to asbestos after a fire is higher if your neighborhood was built before 1980. When materials with asbestos are damaged by fire, they release fibers that become airborne. Ash, soot and smoke containing asbestos can travel miles with the wind and expose a larger areas.

Caution Asbestos Hazard Sign with a wildfire in background

Here are some tips for before and during a wildfire.


  • Have a N-100 or P-100 disposable respirator mask in your emergency supply kit. Make sure you have a mask for yourself and each member of your family. Use these masks anytime you are near smoke or ash created by the wildfire.

Designate Safe Room

Air Cleaner

Stay In Safe Room

Cleaning up after a wildfire.

Wet Down Materials

  • Wet down any possible asbestos-containing materials before handling them.

Wear Masks

Seal Materials

Wet wipes and HEPA Filters

Soot and Ash


Don't Move Damaged Material

Please take a look at The Mesothelioma Center's website at for more information.

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